Torah 1.0 (Wednesday Night Connections)


Torah 1.0 is the Torah for everyone.  In this course you will engage the five books of Moses peppered with insights from ancient rabbis and anecdotes for modern life. The course will also make connections of the Torah to the New Testament and the writings of early Christians, and expose the student to the Jewish Roots of Messiah and Christianity. You'll find this study to be filled with new wisdom and practical applications and you’ll discover the Messiah in the Torah of Moses while also helping to develop a deeper relationship with our Father in Heaven.  Please enjoy some of the archived material of the class below.

The Torah is traditionally divided into פרשת (parashat or portions).  A list of the Torah portions can be downloaded here.

You can download the Hebrew alphabet here.

You may find the Hebraic Toolbox a helpful reference for Dr. Chad's teachings.

The Handouts and audio for the Torah 1.0 class:

Handout for Bereshit             Audio for Bereshit           

Handout for Noach                Audio for Noach

Handout for Lech Lecha        Audio for Lech Lecha

Handout for Vayera               Audio for Vayera       Video

Handout Chayei Sarah          Audio Chayei Sarah   Video

Handout for Toldot                Audio for Toldot         Video

Handout for Vayetze              Audio for Vayetze      Video

Handout for Vayishlach         Audio for Vayishlach

Handout for Vayeshev           Audio for Vayeshev

Handout for Miketz                Audio for Miketz

Handout for Vayigash            Audio for Vayigash

Handout for Vayechi              Audio for Vayechi      Video

Handout for Shemot               Audio for Shemot       Video 

Handout for Va'era                 Audio for Va'era          Video

Handout for Bo                        Audio for Bo                 Video   

Handout for Beshalach           Audio Beshalach          Video

Handout for Yitro                    Audio for Yitro             Video

Handout Mishaptim                Audio Mishpatim        Video

Handout for Terumah              Audio Terumah           Video

Handout Tetzaveh                    Audio Tetzaveh           Video  

Handout for Ki Tisa                  Audio Ki Tisa               Video

Handout Vayak'hel                   Audio Vayak'hel     No video

Handout for Pekudei                Audio Pekudei        No video    

Handout for Vayikra                 Audio Vayikra             Video

Handout for Tzav                       Audio Tzav                  Video

Handout Shemini                       Audio Shemini             Video

Handout for Tazria                    Audio for Tazria      No video 

Handout for Metzora                Audio Metzora              Video

Handout Acharei Mot              Audio Acharei Mot       Video

Handout for Kedoshim            Audio Kedoshim           Video 

Handout for Emor                     Audio for Emor             Video 

Handout for Behar                    Audio for Behar             Video

Handout for Bechukotai          Audio Bechukotai           Video

Handout for Bamidbar            Audio Bamidbar              Video 

Handout for Naso                    Audio for Naso                Video

Handout Beha'alotcha             Audio Beha'lotcha      No Video

Handout for Shelach                Audio for Shelach           Video

Handout for Korach                 Audio for Korach            Video

Handout for Chukat                 Audio for Chukat           Video 

Handout for Balak                    Audio for Balak               Video   

Handout for Pinchas                Audio for Pinchas           Video

Handout Matot-Masei             Audio Matot-Masei         Video 

Handout for Devarim              Audio for Devarim    No Video

Handout for Va'etchanan        Audio Va'etchanan          Video

Handout for Ekev                     Audio for Ekev                 Video 

Handout for Re'eh                    Audio for Re'eh                Video

Handout for Shoftim               Audio for Shoftim            Video

Handout for Ki Teitze             Audio for Ki Teitze          Video

Handout for Ki Tavo               Audio for Ki Tavo            Video

Handout for Nitzavim            Audio for Nitzavim         Video

Handout for Vayelech             Audio for Vayelech         Video

Handout for Ha'azinu             Audio of Ha'azinu     No Video 

Handout Vezot HaBracha      Audio Vezot Habracha   Video

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