Special Classes


On occasion at SPL, there will be Sundays where all the classes are combined into one intergenerational class. For example, there were two weeks of such classes where Dr. Chad taught on the nature of the Hebrew language, its nuances, and how a basic understanding of the Hebrew culture can impact our understanding of even the most basic of words.  Enjoy the lessons on "The Language of the Kingdom."


Handout Week 1          Audio Week 1

Handout Week 2          Audio Week 2

 In another intergenerational class held, Dr. Chad spoke of the "Leper Messiah," and why Messiah was so often associated with lepers in his ministry.

Leper Handout             Leper Audio


Dr. Chad took advantage of another special class to discuss the Messiah and Simon Peter walking on the water and some very important lessons we can still apply to our lives as we seek to follow Messiah today.  Plus, Dr. Chad explains Matthew 7:7 from a Hebraic perspective.

Handout                      Audio