Video Devotionals


On this page you will find links to YouTube devotionals by Dr. Chad that original appeared on the SPL Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Some of the devotions were done on location in the Holy Land of Israel.  Also included are a couple of "Ask the Pastors" shows.  Most of these are "relatively short" devotions designed to be thoughts for the day or something to give you a different perspective on daily life issues.  Click a link and enjoy!


There is always hope!

Don't worry, God's got this

To find God, invite God

Start new TODAY

Jesus believes in you!

Not too sour, not too sweet

Some thoughts on Matthew 5

From potential to actual

More on Matthew 5 - Meekness and Water

The three layers of Jeremiah 23:24

God loves the late bloomer

Even a second with God lasts forever!

FROM ISRAEL: "Returning" to Jerusalem

FROM ISRAEL:  A Sabbath lesson - be invitational

FROM ISRAEL:  Perception is reality!

FROM ISRAEL:  Sea of Galilee and "Today!"

FROM ISRAEL:  Gamla and pressing on

FROM ISRAEL:  Meet Honi the Circle Maker

FROM ISRAEL:  Hebraic roots of early believers

Extracting holiness from the unholy

Embrace your stage of life - go all in!

Act like a kid and take the Land/Kingdom

Be Highly Illogical and Love Your Neighbor!

God can transform negativity into blessing

When a mistake is good for you!!

A pastoral response to school shooting

FROM ISRAEL:  Excerpt from sermon at the Garden Tomb Jerusalem

FROM ISRAEL:  Lessons from Caesarea Maritima

Words and Thoughts for Election Day

FROM ISRAEL: Everywhere I Go, I Go to Israel

FROM ISRAEL: Morning Prayer

FROM ISRAEL:  What Is Truth?

FROM ISRAEL:  From the Mount of Beatitudes

FROM ISRAEL:  From the Eeremos Grotto

FROM ISRAEL:  Dr. Chad lands in Israel once again

FROM ISRAEL:  Everything Happened Somewhere

FROM ISRAEL:  A Tale of two seas

FROM ISRAEL:  The Dead Sea Lives!

FROM ISRAEL:  The number three and Gethsemane

FROM ISRAEL:  Sea of Galilee and Discipleship

Ask the Pastors Episode 1

Ask the Pastors Episode 2