Dr. Chad's Virtual Classroom: Connecting to the Root at SPL



Dr. Chad Yeshayahu Foster is a pastor, rabbi, teacher, and director of Life-Community at St. Peter's church in Columbus, IN.  Here on this site are some of the handouts, audio, and vides of his current classes, his sermons, and his video devotionals.

You can also access many of Dr. Chad's teachings from his previous Messianic fellowship, Bet Immanuel.  There are over six years of Torah study, as well as a complete commentary on the Gospels from a Hebraic perspective - just click here!

Current Sunday Shul: The Chronicles of the Apostles

The Chronicles of the Apostles is a study revolving around the book of Acts with Hebraic Roots commentary and Jewish insights into the Epistles and the whole New Testament. Follow the lives and adventures of the apostles beyond the book of Acts and into some of the lost or forgotten chapters of church history. The Chronicles of the Apostles seeks to harmonize Josephus, rabbinic tradition, and apostolic legends to tell stories like the work of Thomas in India, the flight of the Jewish believers from Jerusalem to Pella, the fall of Jerusalem, John's exile on Patmos, the Roman persecutions, and the second generation of disciples. Learn what life looked like for a Jesus-follower in the late first-century and into the second-century.  Learn first-century Hebraic culture and encounter the text like never before. Be prepared to rewind your religion!  

You may find the Hebraic Toolbox a helpful reference for all of Dr. Chad's teachings.

Class meets Sundays at 9:30am in the SPL gymnasium.  Audio and handouts will be posted here.

Handout for Class 01              Audio for Class 01

Handout for Class 02             Audio for Class 02

Handout for Class 03             Audio for Class 03

Handout for Class 04             Audio for Class 04

Handout for Class 05             Audio for Class 05     

Handout for Class 06             Audio for Class 06

Handout for Class 07             Audio for Class 07

Handout for Class 08             Audio for Class 08

Handout for Class 09             Audio for Class 09

Handout for Class 10             Audio for Class 10

Handout for Class 11             Audio for Class 11

Handout for Class 12             Audio for Class 12    

Handout for Class 13             Audio for Class 13

Handout for Class 14             Audio for Class 14     

Handout for Class 15             Audio for Class 15

Handout for Class 16             Audio for Class 16   

Handout for Class 17             Audio for Class 17

Handout for Class 18             Audio for Class 18 

Handout for Class 19             Audio for Class 19     

Handout for Class 20             Audio for Class 20

Handout for Class 21             Audio for Class 21

Handout for Class 22             Audio for Class 22      

Handout for Class 23             Audio for Class 23

Handout for Class 24             Audio for Class 24

Handout for Class 25              Audio for Class 25

Handout for Class 26              VIDEO! Class 26

Handout for Class 27              Audio for Class 27

Handout for Class 28              Audio for Class 28


Sunday Shul meets at 9:30a in the gym

Torah 1.0 meets Wednesdays at 6:30p in the Sanctuary

(Call/email to verify meeting times)

St. Peter's; 719 Fifth Street Columbus, IN 47201


Dr. Chad's email:   cfoster@stpeters-columbus.org